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Wild Life & Bird Watching

The entire Indian Western Himalayas are home to a number of rare and endangered wildlife species. Snowbird Adventures' main concern is the impact of wild life tours that cause severe stress to the delicate ecological structure of the Himalayas. The main reason why we promote and organise extremely low impact wild life tour packages that let you experience the thrill of spotting some of these rare fauna in their natural habitat without harming the ecological balance.

TragopanHimachal Pradesh with a forest cover area consisting of Coniferous forests and Broad Leaved Forests comprise about 50% of the land area. 20% of this land remains inaccessible and above the tree line. The vegetation varies from Dry Scrub Forests at lower altitudes to Alpine Pastures at higher altitudes. In between these two margins, are distinct vegetation zones of Mixed Deciduous Forests, Bamboo, Cheel , Oak, Walnut, Horse Chestnut, Maple, Deodar, Kail (Pine), Fir and Spruce. The fauna is diverse and includes Leopard, Tiger, Sambhar Deer, Barking Deer, Wild Boar and Ghoral (goat) in the lower reaches; while the upper reaches are home to the Musk Deer, Himalayan Tahr (Goat), Black and Brown Bear; the hi-altitude region of Spiti is where the rarely sighted elusive Snow Leopard, Woolly Hare, Tibetan Wolf and the hardy Himalayan Ibex and Bharal can be seen. The diverse avian species which are too diverse to mention in detail include namely the Monal Pheasant, the White Crested Kaleej pheasant, the Western Tragopan, Lammergeyer, snow cock and snow partridge among numerous others. The two primary national parks in the state include the Great Himalayan National Park in an area of 754.4 sq Kms at altitudes ranging from 1700m to the highest peak at 5800m and the Pin Valley National Park with an area of 675 Kms. at altitudes ranging from 3500m to more than 6000m at its highest point.

Snow LeopardLadakh a hi-altitude cold desert region surprisingly sustains an amazing variety of fauna and avian species. Even though there is hardly any forest cover, the existing sparse vegetation is home to quite a few rare endangered wild life species. The primary game reserve here is the Hemis High Altitude National Park spread over an area 3350 sq.kms and stretching across the northern reaches of Ladakh. Lying within stark weathered and wind sculpted valleys and extensive open shrub land surrounded by snow clad mountains towering to more than 5000m, this park is home to among other species the Snow Leopard, Himalayan Ibex, Bharal (Blue Sheep), Pallas's Cat, Tibetan W olf, Wild Dog, Tibetan Argali, Himalayan marmot, Kiang (Tibetan Wild Ass), Wooly Hare and Pica (Mouse Hare). The avian species include Tibetan and Himalayan Snow cock, Chukor partridge, Accentor Robin, Spotted Fork tail, Brown and White-throated Dipper, Red-mantled, Great Nose and Streaked Rose-finches, Red-flanked Blue tail and raptors such as the majestic Golden Eagle, Lammergeyer and Himalayan Griffon.

Snowbird Adventures organizes special wild life tours in both Himachal Pradesh and Ladakh and also specialize in tailor made wild life treks and safaris. We provide knowledgeable guides, camp equipment and staff besides all transportation where required. Based in Manali we provide easy accessibility to all three national parks. The maps here give you a rough idea as to the location of these wild life reserves. Choose from any of our pre-planned National Park Itineraries or ask us to design one especially for you.

S. No. Tour Days
1. The Great Himalayan National Park Ramble 11
2. The Hemis High Altitude National Park Trek 17


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