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HaridwarUttaranchal is a relatively news state that was formed out of the state of Uttar Pradesh. Uttaranchal is mountain country with easy access to some of the highest mountain peaks in the Indian Western Himalayas. This state is also a pilgrimage state as two of the holiest Rivers in India originate from high mountain glaciers in the extreme north of Uttaranchal. Both the River Ganges and the River Yamuna flow through this state before emerging into the plains of north India winding their way all the way to the Bay of Bengal. There are numerous hill resorts some less visited some more popular. Mussoorie the closest hill resort to Delhi is just 5 hours away. It affords fabulous views of the northern Great Himalayan Ranges besides pleasant walks through forests of pine and oak. Nainital is a hidden lake discovered by a British Businessman out on a hunting tour of the region in the mid 19 th century. Today it offers the visitor good hotels and fine restaurants besides a number of posh shops and others selling local handicrafts. Ranikhet further north is another quiet peaceful hill resort and an army cantonment offering indoor sports and excellent cuisine. There are a number of good lodges and hotels besides fine restaurants.

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