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Trekking In Uttaranchal
HaridwarUttaranchal is a relatively new state formed out of the hill regions that were earlier in the state of Uttar Pradesh. This beautiful mountain state has always been known for its close spiritual and religious destinations. The sacred Ganga also known as the Ganges originates from a glacier high above in the Himalayas as does its neighbouring river the Yamuna. For centuries the Himalayans Mountains have attracted sages and hermits who came to these snow covered spaces to meditate and unravel the very meaning of life and existence. Today Uttaranchal offers the visitor a well developed infrastructure of roads and railways beside a network of modern hotels, guest houses and restaurants spread all over the state. Adventure Tourism is a big draw among trekkers, mountaineers, rock climbers, river runners and skiers. Spiritual Tourism offers a number of destinations with Ashrams, Ayurvedic and Yoga Centres and pilgrimage spots. For the leisure traveller Uttaranchal offers pleasant hill towns with breathtaking walks in the hillsides; for the Wild Life and Bird watching enthusiast Uttaranchal abounds in well managed National Parks, Game Reserves and Bird Sanctuaries teeming with flora and fauna.

Treks in Uttaranchal
S. No. Treks Days

The Nanda Devi Trail


The Gangotri Trail


The Valley of the Flowers

4. Har-Ki Dun Trail 14
5. The Legendary Roop Kund Trek 18
6. The Extended Rupin Pass trek into Himachal 14


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