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Pin Parvati PassHimachal Pradesh one of North India's most beautiful states lies entirely in the Indian Western Himalayas. Its diverse cultures and varied landscape give it a special ambience like no where else. Himachal is a land that rises gradually from the low foothills continues to higher mountain valleys till it ends in a hi-altitude cold desert region awesome in its own beauty. Here you get to experience the warm hospitality of the gentle, friendly hill folk and visit ancient temples, monasteries and churches. Get the real feel of the serenity of thickly wooded hillsides, enjoy the breathtaking sight of glistening streams flowing through flower carpeted meadows spread under the gaze of towering snow clad mountains soaring into brilliant blue skies; experience the thrill of trekking into remote villages and viewing unforgettable sunsets camping in a lush green meadow; trek through vast hi altitude grazing grounds populated with the hardy nomadic shepherds; spot rare fauna and exotic flora in this mesmerising country. Himachal abounds in mountain trails and is the gateway to the neighbouring regions of Zanskar, Ladakh and Uttaranchal. Snowbird Adventures offers you a range of trekking routes that traverse this captivating terrain. Choose from our regular treks or ask us to plan one for you. We provide modern camp and kitchen equipement, experienced mountain guides, expert cooks, helpful camp staff, hardy porters and deft ponies that can take on the steepest of trails with ease. So when you plan on a great outdoor experience you know you can rely on us for a great trekking holiday in the majestic Himalayas.

S. No. Treks Days

Manali – Bhaba Pass – Kinnaur Valley Trek


The Manali- Miyar Valley Trail into Zanskar


Manali –Shimla Trek via Jalori Pass

4. Manali Chandratal Lake 11
5. Manali – Shingo La – Padum (Zanskar) 11
6. Manali – Baralacha La – Phirtsela pass – Padum 12
7. The Pin Parvati Trail 14
8. Manali Bara Banghal Trek 15
9. Manali - Kaza - Parang La – Tso Moriri – Leh Trail 18
10. Manali – Shingo La – Padum – Lamayuru 24


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