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Snow Boarding

Snowboarding at Solang Valley
Snowboarding at Solang Valley

If you've never tried snowboarding this winter's the time to get into this exhilarating sport that evolved from surfing and skateboarding. Developed in the 1960s this sport has caught the fascination of enthusiasts all over the world and is now also a winter Olympic event. Done in basically four different styles of Freeride; Freestyle; Free carve and Split boarding, snowboarding offers you an exciting and thrilling in the winters.

At Snowbird Adventures we equip you with the best equipment and provide you with qualified Instructors who teach you the basics and take you on to becoming an expert. Our variety of imported snowboards for different techniques and terrain are made of the best epoxy fibreglass while our comfortable soft boots allow you a large amount of movement in all directions. We also provide hard boots for experienced snowboarders which are used for precise control and are best for racing and high-speed carving on hard snow. Once you've learnt the basics of proper balancing snowboarding becomes a breeze. The next step is learning the more advanced techniques. Unlike skiing in snowboarding you learn to shift your weight from heels to toes instead of from one ski to another.

We organise day snowboarding trips and also week long courses at the picturesque Solang Valley 13 Kms north of Manali. Depending on snow conditions our snowboarding season begins normally at the end of December lasting till March end. For beginners we start off with the free riding style where you snowboard down hill slopes without focusing on technical tricks or speed. These come later when you learn to carve, flip over and jump on any terrain which could be open slopes, fresh powder stretches and in between trees.

We provide the following:

  • Snowboards different sizes and types
  • Snow boots - both soft and hard
  • Snowboard bindings
  • Snowboard helmets
  • Snowboarding Jackets
  • Snowboarding Pants
  • Snow Goggles
  • Padded Gloves

You are required to bring along your warm clothing preferable thermal inners, jackets, warm socks and remember always dress in layers that enable you to handle sweating, body temperature, blistering and chaffing.

So plan ahead and email us or call us for a great time of snowboarding in the slopes of the Indian Western Himalayas at Manali.


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