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Ski Touring


As winter sets in the entire upper Kullu valley drapes on a white cloak of snow. Snowbird Adventures commences its skiing, snow boarding and ski touring sessions at the picturesque Solang Valley 13 Kms north of Manali. Here we tour on pre-groomed trails for cross country skiing from December 1 to March 20, snow conditions permitting. The trails include all levels of difficulty going through scanty forests and streams. Skiers stride past fields and a working dairy farm on the easy Lantern Loop, venture through the quiet woods around Meadow Pond on the Pine Point Loop, or test their strengths on the hills of the more difficult Woodchuck Trail. The machine grooming at Great Brook leads the way with a wide, packed surface consisting of two sets of tracks and a smooth skating lane. Return to the ski touring center's rustic lodge, a renovated cow barn, to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate and a seat beside the wood stove. If you have never cross country skied before, rest assured that Great Brook's many easy trails are perfect for beginners. If you don't have cross country ski equipment, the ski touring center's huge rental inventory has every size. And if you are too busy during the day, try the night skiing by lantern light on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. It's truly unique! Whether you come for the family fun, the natural surroundings, or the physical exercise, Great Brook has a beautiful trail groomed for you. Buy a ticket and set your skis in motion... you'll be surprised where they can bring you.

Snowbird Adventures operate daily ski touring tours from 10:00 to 5:00 pm, snow conditions permitting, from December 15 until March 20. Inclement weather can alter these times so call us in advance to confirm exact dates and timings. Our latest ski equipment for rent includes skis, boots, and poles for all ages and sizes. The wax-less touring skis are suitable for young ones and adults. We also have skating skis

Sit Skis: Disabled skiers can enjoy our groomed trails using these unique skis together with a volunteer guide.

Snowshoes: For those not interested in skiing, we offer lightweight comfortable snowshoes to explore the surrounding hillsides that afford breathtaking views of the Pir Panjal mountain range.

Ski touring also called alpine touring uses special ski equipment that enables the user to climb and then ski down slopes without the aid of ski lifts. The main differences are a binding with a free-heel for climbing and skins that attach to the base of skis. The free heel makes for fluid, walking like movements when climbing or traversing flat slopes. The skin, usually made of Mohair or Nylon or a mix of the two grips the snow and prevents the ski from sliding backwards. Climbing on skins is usually referred to as skinning. Slopes of up to 25 degrees can be climbed directly. Steeper slopes, up to 35 degrees, can be climbed in a series of traverses linked by kick-turns or conversions. Beyond 35 degrees it is often easier to strap skis to a special touring rucksack and climb on foot, perhaps with crampons


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