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Rock Climbing
Rock Climbing

The surrounding hillsides of Manali offer numerous rock faces for exciting rock climbing and rappelling. Rocks with steep inclines exist both north and south of the town, and are easily accessible. Further north there are more challenging rock climbing areas in neighbouring Spiti.

Snow bird Adventures provides all professional equipments including waterproof high quality ropes, reliable carabineers, rock climbing shoes, protective magnesium powder for easier climbing, strong belts etc. So join us and share the thrill of conquering sheer rock faces that challenge your balance and dexterity and leave you with great feelings of achieving the difficult.

Rock Climbing Courses:

Day Lesson : 500 Rs.

2. Basic Course: 5500 Rs. 7 days.
3. Intermediate: 5700 Rs. 7days.
Advance: 9500 Rs. 14 days.

Best time for Rock Climbing: April - November

Snow bird will provide you:
Equipment, dress, Boarding, lodging, Instructor, Guide, Transportation around Manali.

Special discount for groups.


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