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Deo Tibba
Kang Yatze
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The Himalayas contain some of the greatest mountain peaks in the world. The highest peak in the world Mount Everest that has challenged mountaineers for decades also stands in the Himalayas. For instance Nanda Devi at 25,645 feet and the Kanchenjunga at 28,146 feet are tow of the highest peaks in the Indian Himalayas. Himachal Pradesh, Uttaranchal and Ladakh are home to numerous peaks most of them above 6000 metres. Snowbird Adventures based in the hill resort of Manali in Himachal Pradesh offers you all ground logistic support for mountaineering expeditions in Himachal Pradesh and Ladakh to make your expedition a success. We have a team of expert mountaineers who have over the years successfully climbed the numerous peaks in the region we operate in, all of whom have been trained at the Western Himalayan Mountaineering Institute located at Manali.

The normal procedure after having planned an expedition in the Indian Himalayas is to apply for permission from the Indian Mountaineering Foundation who grants permission on behalf of the Government of India. There are specific application forms which have to be filled accurately by the Expedition Team proposing to climb any peak within Indian Territory. This application contains certain conditions including the exact route to be followed, the name of the peak proposed to be climbed, the kind of photographic and wireless equipment being used and other details. It is also mandatory for a Liaison Officer appointed by the IMF to accompany the expedition.

Snowbird Adventures advises that all expedition teams plan their expeditions accurately as any changes after the application has been submitted will involve unnecessary delay of more than a month in processing. Please carefully go through the brochure published by the IMF and collect all relevant data and information required by the team in advance. Peaks and expeditions can be booked by the leader of the expedition. Please attach all specified documents along with the application so that processing can be done well in time for the expedition date. Also ensure that the application reaches the IMF at least three months in advance from the starting date of the planned expedition. Please note some of the following points while planning your expedition:

  • Get a complete health check up of all team members
  • Make sure that all team members have prior experience in climbing or at least two members should have climbed high altitude peaks before.
  • Bring along your own radio sets (for obtaining latest weather conditions). Wireless sets are also essential or you can hire them out from the IMF. This is necessary for communication between camps.
  • Most important of all please instruct all team members not to litter the route as this can cause discomfort to other expedition teams visiting the area and also pose an environmental hazard.
  • It is essential that all members of the expedition have insurance cover for accident risks and ground/ helicopter search and rescue. The policy should also have a clause stating that in the event of an accident or mishap all expenditure incurred for ground or helicopter rescue will be borne by the expedition team. Normally a letter of credit of a minimum of US$ 6000 should be submitted to the IMF.
  • Snowbird Adventures will provide all camp staff, porters etc after due consultation with the IMF. We shall also mail you a list of all the documentation required for booking a peak and the exact charges that will be payable to the IMF according to the height of the peak to be attempted.
  • Wish you all the best while planning your expedition you can rest assured that Snowbird Adventures will provide all the necessary help required after you permits have been sanctioned by the Government of India / Indian Mountaineering Foundation.

List of Open Peaks in Himachal Pradesh

S. No. Tour Bookings

Hanuman Tibba I - 5932 metres
Route and Camp Details:
Manali – Solang Valley – Dhundhi – Beas Kund – Base Camp – ABC – Camp 1 - Camp II – Camp III – Summit Attempt.


Deo Tibba – 6001 metres
Route & Camp Details:
Manali – Jagatsukh – Chikka – Seri – Tainta – Base Camp – Camp I – Camp II - Duhangan Col – Camp III and summit attempt.


Hanuman Tibba II – 5561 metres
Route & Camp Details:
Manali – Solang Valley - Dhundhi – Beas Kund Base Camp – ABC – Camp I - Camp II – Camp III and Summit attempt.


Makerbeh – 6069 metres
Route & Camp Details:
Manali – Palchan – Dhundhi – Beas Kund Base Camp – Camp I – Camp II - Camp III and summit attempt.


Indrasen – 6223 metres
Route & Camp Details :
Manali – Jagatsukh – Chikka – Seri – Tainta Base Camp – Summit attempt.


Manali Peak – 5640 metres
Route & Camp details:
Manali – Dhundhi – Beas Kund base camp – Camp I – Camp II and summit attempt


Menthosa – 6443 metres
Route & Camp details:
Manali – Tandi - Udaipur – Miyar Nullah – Urgos village – Camp I – Camp II and summit attempt


Papsura – 6440 metres
Route & Camp details:
Manali – Manikaran – Tosh Nullah – Saram base camp –ABC - Camp I & summit attempt


CB 13 – 6264 metres
Route & Camp details:
Manali- Chhatru-Chhota Dara-Batal (RH) - C-I - C-II & summit attempt.



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