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Mountain Biking
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Mountain Biking
Crossing River

Mountain Biking as cycling in the mountains is better known as, is one adventure activity that is both physically challenging and mentally stimulating offering the enthusiastic biker unending opportunities in the Indian Western Himalayas . Isolated tracks through breathtaking landscape and rugged terrain give the biker a memorable way to experience different cultures and interact with local people sharing their simple lifestyles. The three northern hill states of Himachal Pradesh, Uttaranchal (now Uttarkhand) and the region of Ladakh and Zanskar offer the adventurous biker numerous trails into interior remote and less frequented territories where only seasoned trekkers have ventured so far. Snowbird Adventures have planned particular cycle expeditions and tours that are not taxing or strenuous but leave pleasant memories for you. All our biking trails in these beautiful hill regions have been finalised after exhaustive personal surveys of numerous exciting offbeat hill tracks. We take you biking through lush forest trails past extravagant wild flower strewn meadows and serene unspoiled lakes below towering snow clad mountains and visiting remote friendly and hospitable villages. We provide all camping and transport logistics while expert guides and camp staff in a support vehicle accompany all our groups resulting in an exciting hassle free holiday. So if you're just longing to get out and ride through the magnificent Himalayan countryside, email or call us and we'll organise the perfect Biking Tour Itinerary according to the time you have, the budget and the preferred season you would like to come and explore these spectacular hills and mountains. We prefer that you bring your own cycles and spares as we feel you know your bike better and will be more comfortable on it. We do however provide mountain bikes if required.

This northern Indian mountain state provides a fine network of enthralling mountain trails and highways connecting all towns and a substantial number of villages' which each other. Choose from some of our pre-panned bile tours or make up one of your own. Snowbird Adventures will provide the required camping equipment, trained staff, mountain guides and a support vehicle to make your biking tour in the Indian Western Himalayas a pleasurable and memorable one.

This picturesque mountain state now named Uttarkhand is well known among pious Hindus for its profusion of temples, pilgrimage places and high snow covered mountains where wizened old sages did penance and meditated to find ways to attain salvation. For the cyclist there are numerous tracks and roads leading through quaint villages and small towns offering a delightful experience into a colourful hill culture with its ancient traditions.

Ladakh & Zanskar
The landscape of Ladakh is a paradise for the ardent cyclist. Numerous trails crisscross this arid hi altitude cold desert region taking you through some of the most isolated villages and monasteries in the world. We visit the expansive vast Changthang plains where the nomadic Changpa shepherds live in Yak Skin tents tending their sheep amidst a landscape of shrub land. This is also the lake district of Ladakh known for its large lakes that attract numerous migratory rare avian species.


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