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Murlidhar Negi

Welcome to the one of the most beautiful and easily accessible destinations in the Indian Western Himalayas – the hill resort town of Manali and the warm hospitality of Snowbird Adventures. The captivating landscapes and cultures of  Himachal Pradesh and its neighbouring hill regions of Kumaon & Garhwal and the high-altitude cold deserts of Zanskar and Ladakh all offer excellent opportunities for adventure activities;  cultural and special interest journeys and enjoyable leisure holidays. To the extreme northeast of India are the fascinating and comparatively less explored states of Assam, Arunachal, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, Tripura, Nagaland and Sikkim. To the west sprawl the desert sands of legendary Rajasthan with its awesome forts and ornate palaces; in the Midwest stand the remarkable caves of Ajanta & Ellora; and to the Deep South the rich green state of Kerala also called Gods Own Country with its golden beaches, meandering backwaters and tropical forests teeming with wild life.  Each region diverse in its cultures, ethnic composition, flora & fauna and wide-ranging topography presents the visitor with an absorbing canvas of an intricate colour splashed complex and intriguing land larger than life – a land called India.   While we organize special interest tours in all the most desired destinations in the country our focus is however on the Indian Western Himalayas. Due its fragile topography it is imperative that we take all the more care to conserve and protect this beautiful environment from passing away into history. That’s why we emphasize on all our tours being eco-friendly. Along with us you get to mingle with friendly hill folk and stay in stunningly located hotels and rest houses far from the madding crowd. Our priority remains on creating sources of earning among the local populace so that they too become an intrinsic part of those particular regions’ over all development. It’s an incredible world that you step into once you enter the magical and captivating environment of the high Himalayas. And we at Snowbird Adventures help you savour the very essence of all this splendour and magic at your own pace.  Choose from our extreme adventure activities or softer ones; peaceful leisure holidays; captivating culture tours, entrancing monastic tours, attractive holiday packages and enchanting pilgrimage journeys; fascinating Jeep safaris, compelling motorbike and mountain biking expeditions.  And when you journey with us you can be sure that your holidays will be more than just a heart-warming experience it will be one that you’ll long to return to again and again.

Snowbird Adventures welcome you to India and assure of a great vacation whatever your destination.

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