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Snowbird Adventures believes in delivering special adventure tours to all adventure enthusiasts. From enchanting trekking tours and heady mountain biking to thrilling mountain expeditions we offer you all. To take in a more leisurely insightful vacation we give you delightufl wild life and birding tours where you get to see the rare elusive snow leopard, the egile Himalayan Ibex and Ladakhi Urial. Spot the magnificent Golden Eagle and Lammergeyer soaring in the thermal currents high in the sky or simply watch the beautiful snow cock, Monal pheasant and terns and martins glide around the hillsides. We set up camps at some of the most breathtaking scenic locales in the surrounding hills of Manali and the hi-altitude plateau of Ladakh where you can literally hear the silence and absorb the fascinating scenery at your own pace. Choose from any of our adventure tours and we'll provide you with expert outdoor staff and guides who will enthrall you with their local tales and history of the mountains besides ensuring you get the best of holidays you've ever had. Choose from any of our tailor made adventure activties or ask us to arrange a special itinerary just for you. We'll make sure you have the adventure of a lifetime.



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